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Z-Field Dual Axis Controller

The Z-Field Dual Axis Controller replaces the controller that comes with the Celestron CG-4 Dual Axis Motor Kit. At this time you must purchase the Stepper Controller, LCD display and Enclosure separately. You can order the Small Parts Kit that includes all the other parts needed to build the controller.

The advantages of the Z-Field Dual Axis Controller are:

  1. In addition to the standard 2x, 4x and 8x speeds you get 0.5x guide, 16x and 50x. Guide rate can be changed by software such as PHD2.
  2. Turbo mode: By pushing a guide button (say DEC north) then pushing the opposite button (DEC south) at the same time, it goes to 16x speed while both are pushed. Useful for making short bursts to move the scope.
  3. The Display can be backlit in several colors including Red for night vision (shown in the picture above).
  4. Sidereal, Solar and Lunar Rate Control.
  5. Computer Interface
    • ASCOM compliant interface
    • Emulates the Celestron CGEM mount
    • Can be controlled by software such as Sky-X, Starry Night Pro and Cartes du Ciel SkyChart
      • Semi GOTO Just aim at one bright star to move to a dim object.
    • Can be controlled by ASCOMPad (replaces the push buttons with on screen buttons)
    • Can interface with PHD2 to allow for autoguiding
  6. The Sync and GOTO functions can be accessed from the keypad so you don’t need a computer
  7. Can display Sidereal Time.

The Small Parts Kit (purchase link below) includes the following components.

  1. 1N5337BG diode
  2. (9) Interconnect wires (5-8” long, 4-4” long with connectors on each wire)
  3. Red/black power wire (10”)
  4. Red power LED
  5. RJ11-4 cable with connectors
  6. (4 sets) #4 screw & locknuts
  7. DPDT power switch
  8. 2.1mm barrel power jack
  9. (4 sets) Circuit board standoff + screws+ nuts
  10. (5) Button Extensions
  11. 3.5mm (1/8”) mono audio jack
  12. Coax cable with 3.5mm (1/8”) plug
  13. 3/8”ID Grommet
  14. 1/4”ID Grommet
  15. Tilt Switch and housing
  16. 100uf Electrolytic Capacitor
  17. Small Zip Tie
  18. (4) Heat Shrink 4.5" long

Parts not included that must be purchased separately (Warning: these are no longer available from Amazon, will update soon. Please contact Email: orders@z-field.com)

  1. Motor Control CNC Shield with Arduino and A4988 stepper controllers and mini USB programming cable
  2. 4.5"x3.5"x2.2"(115mmx90mmx55mm) Box Universal Project Enclosure w PC Transparent Cover
  3. RobotDyn - LCD RGB 16x2 + keypad + Buzzer Shield for Arduino, I2C/IIC interface, LCD RGB 1602


Below are download links to the Dual Axis Controller Assembly and User Manual and Source Code (assuming an Arduino Nano and a DRV8825 Stepper Driver Module exists).

Assembly/User's Manual v1.04 Arduino Software v1.01b (zip)

Below are links to required open source Arduino libraries referenced in the Manual.

RGB LCD Arduino Library EEPROM Anything Library

Compatible Software

Below are links to free software referenced in the Assembly and User's Manual.

Skychart ASCOM Pad PHD2

Purchase Information

To purchase the Z-Field Dual Axis Controller Small Parts Kit (Shipping to the Continental US included), please either use the secure Paypal link, or fill out the order form (download link below) and send it with check payment amount the below address. You can also purchase the fully assembled Dual Axis Controller below as well.

Use the links below for US orders only. For large orders or international orders, please contact Email: orders@z-field.com

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Small Parts Kit ($30 USD)


Small Parts Kit Order Form

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Fully Assembled Unit


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